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Where do I go when there is nowhere to go

What do I do when there is nothing to do

How do I cope when there is nothing to cope with

What else can I see where all has been seen

Who can I tell when I can't turn to you

What do I say when all has been said

When is a person not just a blank slate

Why do I feel like I haven't come up for air

What do I want from myself to be human

Full of meaning and hope, filled with

glittering thoughts

What is the plan when there isn't a course

What is the way when the road has been ridden

Where is the guide when none can be found

What is the legend where there are only footnotes

Where is is the surface when all is below

Why are the stars hidden and forlorn

When will the triumphs outweigh the trimmed thoughts

What will be left when all has been said

Filled with fresh songs, I chirp like a bird

In control of myself, in control of my destiny

How is the journey when postcards won't do

Can I tell you my future, my wanton desire

Can I share my indulgence, my personal path

Can I tell you my legacy, my heart, it is full

I sleep well and I dream, I lust and I cry

I go to the well where I drink in the dark

Put my face in the water, let it drown out all else

'till I pull my head out and look out at the world

I see a road to somewhere, both here and afar

Only dreams really matter, only sky is still here

Nothing else is important but the joy of pursuit

When I find it, I'll tell you, shout loud, be a hawk

Screeching like a father in sight of new child

Sharing diligence, cutting distance, making castles

Moving forward.

Being someone that is me.

But how do I do that with others not around

Who do I talk to, what do I say,

How do I stare at the nothingness and laugh

Something is in there, finding it is my task.

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