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Be a man, a real man, c'mon man, grow up,

take it on the chin, don't worry what others think,

put away your childish toys, it's time to make

your way in the world, be part of the community,

don't be so lazy, you slacker, take steps towards

your future you,

be part of the living world, don't be going off playing

video games and doing drugs, it's time to grow up, boy,

you have so much potential, now show it, what's the

matter with you, why don't you care,

where are you going in life, what are you doing to yourself,

do you realize how much you'll regret this later,

why don't you listen to me, I'm here for you anytime you

want, but you have to talk to me,

put down that cell phone, put away that laptop, pull up

a seat, why don't we see eye-to-eye, are you hearing me,

do you really want to be like this, what are you going to think

when you look back 20 years from now and see how you

fiddled away your opportunities, c'mon man, just grow up.

The walls caved in around me, the floor became a pit of snakes,

my stomach felt full of lead like I'd been shot in an old-time Western movie,

my heart was yearning for you, but my hand were too slick with sweat

to grab on to anything.

My mind was nothing but white space, my feet would only move to the edge of my bed

where I could flop down and be nothing,

My head was full of too much and not enough, too much talk and insistence,

too little knowledge of walking and assistance.

It is all a bunch of air, a bunch of cheap lies, what are we even talking

about here, my tongue lashed out at the world for putting on its beat-down, so

cranky, so whipped-up crazy, so furious and so futile, so what the hell,

how do I cope, I can't, I'm only me, and you don't even know me.

I'll think more tomorrow. Today, I need a nap and a nod to my friends.

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