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Earworm, earworm underneath my marigolds,

Underneath my plain brain pan,

driving me insane.

Earworm, earworm, why can't you just go away,

take your playlist out to play and

cling to someone else.

Earworm, earworm, I can hear you all the time,

You make my life a long soundtrack of

syllables that rhyme.

Earworm, earworm, what would I do if you're not there,

Where would I go to find my peace

without you as my guide.

Earworm, earworm, are you really so benign

why are you there all the time and make

me sing your rhymes.

Earworm, earworm, what happens if I just say no

How can I make you say goodbye and lose the

vocal ties.

Earworm, earworm, humming is so part of me

It makes want to scratch and bleed and

sing along off key.

Earworm, earworm, do I have my own true thoughts

Or am I just a cipher of your

mass commercial rot.

Earworm, earworm, I'm a fish caught in a net

Make my breath sound out the tunes that

I can barely catch.

Earworm, earworm, how does this playlist capture

me. Does it keep me from noticing

life's rhythms and its time.

Earworm, earworm, wouldn't it you'd rather hear

songs that come from the outside

that make us laugh and tear.

Earworm, earworm, I think I'll plumb my list

for now, find a song of a whippoorwill

or a hummingbird's plant kiss.

Earworm, earworm, instead I stare at a blank wall,

drink my coffee and think nice thoughts

while music makes me sail.

Earworm, earworm, internal beat of a snare drum

that follows life inside of me, my mind

a cheerful hum.

Earworm, earworm, I hope you let me find my way

to happiness and joyfulness while you

sing and dance all day.

Earworm, earworm, others take a look at me,

hear me humming easily

and think of my content,

They don't know that I'm a slave

to harmony that does not stave

but keeps me in its glare.

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